download our appIf you are an engaged couple thinking about eloping, then look no further than the Where To Elope Elopement Wedding Vendor Directory! Over the last four years, we have helped over 500,000 couples go from engaged to 'Just Married' without out all of the time, cost and stress that often comes with planning a large wedding.

Where To Elope is the "Elopement Authority Site" - it doesn't matter if you have been thinking of an intimate beach wedding, a mountain ceremony, a wedding chapel, a romantic exotic destination, or a cruise wedding - you are sure to find the perfect place to elope in our Elopement Wedding Vendor Directory. That's because Eloping allows you to get married with less time, stress and MONEY than large traditional weddings!

We’ve discovered how hard it can be to find elopement packages or romantic places for your small wedding on a budget. That’s why Where To Elope has done all of the work for you! We’ve searched and sifted through thousands of unrelated or off target results that come up when you search online to produce this Where To Elope elopement wedding vendor directory.

According to costofweddings.com traditional weddings can cost $25,000 or more. But, many Wedding Elopement Packages start at $200 for the ceremony only; All Inclusive Elopement Packages are $1,000-2,500 or over 90% less than a traditional wedding. What could you do with an extra $22,500? The small romantic Boutique and Breakfast (B&B) Inns, Officiants, Planners, Venues and Photographers listed on this website offer a wide variety of wedding elopement packages to fit almost any budget.

Elope – Elopement – Eloping, whatever you call it is:
the Hottest Alternative to the Traditional Wedding!

small-wedding-plannerAre you overwhelmed with all of the wedding planning options for “tying the knot”, getting married or becoming a couple? Have you wondered how you will navigate all of the planning for your big event and then all those receptions and other events surrounding your wedding? Not to mention all of the issues and emotions regarding his family and your family, friends, the budget, picking the place, the Excel spreadsheets, the sitting charts, the guest lists, the disagreements. Where is the romance in that? Entering the new uncharted waters of marriage is scary enough! Especially when you can just click on the picture to hire our Small Wedding Planner and she'll do all of the work for you...

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In the traditional sense, eloping is defined as running away to wed in secret. The practice first became popular in the 18th century when differences in the marriage laws between England and Scotland encouraged many young couples to flee North across the border to marry without the need for parental consent. However, today eloping is not necessarily restricted to secret weddings – instead, it has become a colloquialism that covers small weddings and those done in haste. [Read More]


Is one of the most common questions we are asked and it is difficult to answer definitively. The beauty of elopement is the flexibility it offers. You can elope at any time throughout the year. The only restrictions being the availability of your chosen venue. [Read More]


The truth is, elopement appeals to people of all ages from all walks of life. There is no stigma attached to elopement these days, so more people are considering it as an alternative to a ‘big white wedding’. It could be that you are too busy to spend 18 months on wedding plans, or maybe it is your second or third time around. Perhaps you just like the romance and sense of adventure conjured by eloping. As long as you are of legal age and eligible to marry then elopement is for you! [Read More]


Eloping is easy when you know how! There is less stress involved when planning to elope rather than doing a big family wedding. You will find many elopement package offering all inclusive weddings allowing you to simply book your elopement and the relax. We have lots of planning advice to offer. [Read More]


There are many reasons why couples choose to elope. It is often assumed that couples eloping are having a shotgun wedding due to pregnancy and although this is one reason, it is not the most common. Some of the more likely reasons for choosing elopement include the need to save money, avoiding the stress of a big family wedding or because the couple just want an intimate and romantic wedding. [Read More]


Here are the Results of our latest Why You Eloped Poll:

1. To save money 71.9% 2. To have fun and enjoy your own ceremony 59.0% 3. To maintain your sanity 52.8% 4. To avoid family politics 49.1% 5. To save time 42.0% 6. To have freedom from the norm 38.9% Read our Latest Why You Eloped Poll Results. Do You Agree? Click to Vote.

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